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It’s time for a little healthy competition.

Bring the heat

With a new focus on health and wellness in our country and specifically in our state, the Corporate Challenge is the perfect opportunity for local businesspeople to celebrate their own company’s culture of healthy behaviors while competing against their neighbors!

Besides competing in hard-fought battles of tug of war, golfing and bowling, the Corporate Challenge allows participants to make contacts and develop professional relationships with other influential companies in the Birmingham area, all while having fun with friends and family.

2022 Details


May 19-21


West Homewood Athletic Center

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Picture of tug of war battleTug of War
Picture of people playing dodgeballBlue Cross and Blue Shield of Alabama Dodgeball
Picture of man throwing footballProtective Football Skills Challenge
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Division 1 - $1,500  |  Division 2 - $1,800  |  Division 3 - $2,400
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