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Picture of man at bowling alley
Alabama Power
Picture of man kicking soccer ball
Soccer Shootout
Picture of woman sprinting
40 Yard Dash
Picture of tug of war battle
Tug Of War
Picture of people walking
Hibbett | City Gear
1 Mile Fitness Walk
Picture of people running
Hibbett | City Gear
5K Run
Picture of man on bike
Hibbett | City Gear
Cycle Challenge
Woman hula hooping
Hula Hoop
Picture of people playing dodgeball
Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Alabama Dodgeball
Picture of man golfing
Dunn Construction
Golf Challenge
Picture of man throwing football
Football Skills Challenge
Picture of people playing cornhole
Mcleod Software
Picture of people moving and grooving
Oakworth Capital Bank
Move N' Groove
Spartan Invest Puzzle Pursuit
Spartan Invest
Puzzle Pursuit
Picture of man swinging baseball bat
Surgical Care Affiliates
Home Run Derby
Picture of woman shooting basketball
Basketball Shootout

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